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We believe so deeply in your mission that we made it our mission to help your brand stand out in a big way

Ultimately, brand building comes down to three critical factors–looking good, being good, and attracting good people. Lucky for you, we’ve got what it takes to help you tick all three boxes.


We revolve around...


We believe that a good business exists with the mission to leave their industry and their world better than they found it. By partnering with mission-driven businesses, we are able to fulfill our dreams of leaving a lasting, positive mark.


As an Asian woman-owned business, we put our faith and money behind women of color. As creatives with the belief that everyone deserves access to our space, we strive to create digital spaces that are easily available to everyone.


The relationship is just as important as the outcome. Our clients are our friends, and transparency in the work that we do is central to the results that we provide.


Rules are meant to be broken, and we break them well. We believe in exploring, playing, pushing boundaries, and discovering one-of-a-kind design solutions for helping you stand out in your industry.

When they Zig, we Zag

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

When the same old, same old starts to make your head spin it’s time to shake things up in your industry. We team up with lifestyle brands, brick and mortar biz owners, service providers, and mission-driven creative entrepreneurs to build larger-than-life brands that ooze personality and strategy in equal parts.

The founder, Olivia, looking to the side, holding her sunglasses

Olivia Su, founder of Zig Zag Creative

A serial hobbyist and creative mastermind, Zig Zag founder Olivia Su has dabbled in just about every creative outlet – from knitting to oil painting. After discovering web development in high school (and developing some truly heinous websites), she went on to study Design in university where she was immersed in the world of brand strategy and intentional design solutions. 

After 5 years of freelancing and working in corporate marketing, she founded Zig Zag Creative as the strategic, creative homebase for mission-driven industry leaders.

The founder, Olivia, looking to the side, holding her sunglasses

We believe claiming your unique spot in a saturated industry means having a strong core belief system

We challenge brands to actively defy the status quo and wholly embrace their weird

We celebrate the collaboration of brand building and create a safe space for solutions to simmer

Joyce Li, founder of Joyce Li Photo

Working with Olivia to design my website was an absolute dream! I was excited to partner with an expert who showed genuine care in my business. Olivia listened to my feedback and embraced the changes I wanted to make, making me feel valued and understood. I feel so confident that my website is beautiful, functional, and converts! 

-Lucy S, Create Heart Work

Dr. Harn, founder of CODA Design Automation

Olivia has been so great to work with! We’ve worked with her for our branding and website, and each time she’s been super in depth, helping my business partner and I gain a deeper insight into our look, feel, and audience. Having a place to send folks to and just being discoverable on the web is gonna be immensely helpful for us!

-Jadah C, Red Eye Creative

Joyce Li, founder of Joyce Li Photo

"Olivia is a master at her craft! Her process was very thorough and allowed me to gain so much clarity on my brand. I now have a stronger confidence in my business and a deeper understanding of who my target audience is. I highly recommend Olivia for anyone feeling lost in their business.

-Joyce L, Joyce Li Photo

Nathan Lee, founder of JailBird

“Olivia is a professional with a great eye and an even better communicator. At no point during the design process did we feel lost, confused, or anxious. She made something that we love and worked with us closely to create it. Would work with her again a thousand times over.”

-Nathan L, JailBird


"Obsessed" is an understatement

We collab with bold creatives and change-driven entrepreneurs to create strategic designs that audiences can’t look away from.