Killuh Nails

The Challenge: How do you create a gender neutral, welcoming safe space in a traditionally feminine industry?

Meet Killuh Nails, a Pasadena-based nail studio that specializes in funky, colorful, weird, and one-of-a-kind nail art. With a desire to serve a wider audience of women, non-binary folks, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, their founder sought out Zig Zag Creative to create branding that was attractive to everyone.

Deliverables: Brand Design, Social Media Templates, 4-6 week timeline

In approaching this project, we took a look at traditional nail studio branding–feminine, simple, and delicate. We then decided to build upon it to create a brand that doesn’t feel out of place in the market, but certainly stands on its own two feet. The results are a bold, edgy, eclectic brand that easily attracts a wide array of gals, gays, & theys.

The Outcome: Confidence, clarity, and new clients

Upon launching their new brand and implementing it across social channels, Kat was able to confidently raise her prices and found it easy and exciting to attract a new, diverse clientele to her studio.

Sticker design for Killuh Nails, a funky nail design studio based in Pasadena

Want to attract fresh clients with a bold, editorial edge?