The Challenge: How do you get Gen-z interested in suncare, and create a brand that stands out in a highly competitive market?

Lummi is a passion project that was easy to get lost in. With the challenge of developing a brand that offers suncare solutions for all skin types and strives to make suncare a part of young people’s everyday routines, there was a lot to tackle with this project.

Deliverables: Brand strategy & design, web design, social media templates, 12-week timeline

When you walk past the skincare aisle at any store you’re met with suncare products that look the same–either clinical and cold, or too mature to attract younger generations to this important step in their daily routine. In order to directly attract Lummi’s target audience, we opted for bright, primary colors, playful fonts, and an informative, movement-focused website to showcase their array of products.

Need a brand that stands out in a saturated market?