Thrive Therapy

The Challenge: How do you make therapy feel less clinical, and more approachable to young folks who need it most?

Thrive Therapy is a passion project that hits close to home–as many young people struggle with mental health issues and feel intimidated or unable to find a therapist that understands their individual needs. The entry point for therapy typically looks like fighting an uphill battle against insurance companies, visiting cold clinics, and struggling to find a mental health counselor that you feel comfortable sharing with. Thrive Therapy is a collection of counselors turning therapy into an inviting, warm, and much-needed asset in young people’s lives.

Deliverables: Brand design, custom illustrations, 4-6 week timeline

With playful branding, bright colors, and a warm, inviting feel, Thrive Therapy easily stands out from the clinical, cold, traditional therapy space and speaks directly to teens–their target audience. To make the brand even more approachable, we incorporated hand-drawn illustrations into their branding for a soft, fun appeal.

Brand identity design for Thrive Therapy

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